The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference: Volume I: Digital

This textbook, at nearly 500 pages, will explain how to become digitally invisible. You will make all of your communications private, data encrypted, internet connections anonymous, computers hardened, identity guarded, purchases secret, accounts secured, devices locked, and home address hidden. You will remove all personal information from public view and will reclaim your right to privacy. You will no longer give away your intimate details and you will take yourself out of ‘the system’. You will use covert aliases and misinformation to eliminate current and future threats toward your privacy & security. When taken to the extreme, you will be impossible to compromise.

Users Comments:

  • This book contains *some* decent information, but the authors are former Feds whose loyalties color everything they suggest.
    Their advocacy of Blur, Coinbase, and (in the podcast), are transparent recommendations of companies that collect your PII, package it up with detailed logs, and gleefully hand it over to any jackbooted oathbreaking pig that comes asking, with a nice little bow on top.
    There are plenty of other little things in this book that expose the authors to have deep-seated loyalties to their buddies in LEA, despite the great advice that the book broadly covers.
    If your threat model ends at identity thieves and scammers, this is probably a good book for you.
    But if you care about your freedom from the ever-encroaching Police State of FVEY countries, the authors are very poorly preparing you to deal with the resources of your threat model’s adversary. And in many cases, actively leading you to use the services of your adversary’s collaborators.
  • I purchased Bazzell’s first book set at a training event he put on. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to removing yourself from the internet. I used the techniques taught in the first book and was able to remove and obfuscate results to the point that they’re essentially useless. When you google my name or use common people search methods, only one result still relates to me at all and I intentionally left that result. Would definitely recommend for those who have a healthy fear of identity theft, an interest in privacy, or those who are victims of domestic violence and attempting to start over.
  • The straight forward manner in which the book is written makes it easy to understand and follow the instructions in order to improve our own digital security on not only the Windows platform but in the Apple environment and Linux as well. The information is divided into 4 levels – basic, intermediate, advanced and expert. The information is given in a step wise fashion so start at the beginning and build your skills. Go as far as you are comfortable with. I certainly am. The information in this book is showing me the way. If everyone only followed the steps in the basic and intermediate sections cyberspace would be a much safer place. This book is a true confidence builder for dealing with some very complex issues.
  • I have had the pleasure of attending one of Mike Bazzell’s courses, and I have read his other books. “The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference” is his best book yet. This book is an absolutely MUST READ for anyone who accesses the Internet, uses credit cards, or talks on a cell-phone (i.e. pretty much everyone). You will learn about computer security, how to make anonymous purchases, how to have anonymous telephones, how to remove your information from public databases, and much, much more.
    The book is written in an easy-to-read manner making it useful for the average user to the advanced expert. Regardless of your skill level, you will find something here that will improve your personal privacy and security. Absolutely Outstanding! GET THIS BOOK.
  • Absolutely excellent reference. A few things are a little outdated (probably because of this book), but you can work around it. One great use is to use this book to get rid of information about you deleted from the internet and button up your security and privacy. Use Bazzell’s other book, “Open Source Intelligence…” to find all the info about you on the internet – as well as security and privacy vulnerabilities. And it is also so much more. If something is out of date, it is easy to work around. One commentator laments that the author, Michael Bazzell worked in government. He did – in the FBI. I don’t count this against him, to be sure, I count this as good, solid, relevant experience. BTW, some parts of this book are technical. But getting through the tech savvy parts is quite adequately explained.
  • Should be an $18.95 priced book based on printing quality, no diagrams or photos etc.. too pricey for purely text.
    Chapter on computer security is basic and overly wordy. Much of the computer security recommendations could be found by reading NIST standards, which are available for free.
    This book seems to be written as a program, where the reader progressively increases their level of privacy and security as their experience increases. I found this style very challenging. If I wanted to protect my iPhone to its maxinal level, I had to search through the book to get all the answers. It would be easier to implement if each chapter focused on a topic exclusively.
    Some of the content is dated or will be based on topics being software specific. As software.
  • I’m only a few chapters in, but I’ve already been able to help several friends locate and be aware of personal information on the internet. Very thorough and complete resource. I wish there was a section for Android devices, but each operating system requires many hours of additional research, so I completely understand why they stuck to the ones they did. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone with any desire to learn to protect their information online.

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